Welcome to the Remote Resources page

This page enables Authorised Users to access the corporate systems from remote locations
Access to Citrix-hosted applications Citrix Applications
Alternate Access to Citrix-hosted applications if above link inaccessible Alternate Citrix Access
Access to Outlook Mail Outlook Online
Access to Project Docstores Project Docstores
Access to Quality Net Quality Net
Access to FWEL Services FWEL Services
Access to Lessons Learnt databases Lessons Learnt
Access to Interfaces Management Database IMDB Database
Access to Online Timesheet Online Timesheet
Access to log an ICT Fault or raise a Request ICT Services Online
  • To manage your FW Password profile.
  • FW Password Manager
  • To change your Remote Access Password (Doc Store).
  • Change Password
    Please note: Password changes may take up to 45mins to take effect.
    If you require any assistance please contact the ICT Service Desk: from UK x2727 (+441189132727), from India x3232 (+914466223232),
    from South Africa x0999 (+27116900999) or Email ICT_ServiceDesk@fwuk.fwc.com
    Please note: The link to some services may be slow due to the communications infrastructure at that location